Brute Competence


Thought and Practice Leader for Environmental Responsibility and Safety in the Upstream Petroleum Industry.


Our goal is to have G.K. Hills become known as a thought leader in industry where integrity is paramount. Leading by example, we will continuously improve our service delivery method and set the bar for regulatory compliance and best practices. If we change the way we work we will change the way we are perceived.


To provide a leading-edge Regulatory Compliance Tool.


Technical Competence Client Focus: Productivity, Risk, Time, Support
Quality: Clear, Consistent, Repeatable, Meaningful
Integrity: Best-in-Industry
Optimization: Better is Better, Scalable, Sustainable, Ethical Operations

Serving Western Canada, G.K. Hills is transforming the way that regulatory compliance routines are approached. An emphasis on excellence and proficiency is the cornerstone of our commitment to you.

Our success and reliability are ensured by offering a solution in full adherence to the following deliverables:

  • Fully identifying and documenting your requirements and needs.
  • Providing services that comply with all applicable legal and general industry standards.
  • Utilizing innovative procedures to eliminate waste in products and services.
  • Eliminating costs associated with regulatory non-conformance.
  • Efficiently supporting regulatory compliance reporting.

G.K. Hills delivers quality services to our Clients and achieves Client Satisfaction by continually improving our competencies, evolving our systems and embracing new technology.