Value. Delivered.

“Using the app to do inspections is so easy and quick, it would be crazy not to do it while I’m at the well. I pray they use your program. Cause then you have made every operators day better. “

Operator, Provost AB

“What sets GK Hills apart from similar companies is the investment Beth has made in developing processes, setting objectives and relentlessly working to achieve them. This structured approach, accompanied by a clear vision, has made GK Hills a pioneer in the integrity inspection industry. GK Hills, led by Beth, has accomplished efficiencies and accuracies in reporting of inspections, which have not been seen in this industry. Beth has achieved making GK Hills a best in class, which puts her, and GK Hills ahead of many organizations with focus on similar scope of work. “

Kate McInnis, SRPM Specialist, Supplier Management
ASQ Certified Quality Technician
CSA Lead Auditor

“Beth’s uncompromising commitment to quality, through process, is enabling her to bring groundbreaking thinking into a traditionally stagnant sector of the Oil and Gas industry. By doing so she is purposefully architecting a highly scalable business that brings industry leading knowledge and quality to the front door of its clients. The value proposition of G.K Hills is unlike any other I have seen within the industry. Beth is … passionately unwilling to accept the status quo and she is committed to delivering value for her clients and a legacy for her industry. “

Rob Pittman, Managing Partner
Urban Lighthouse Inc.