Our Understanding of the Business Problem

Liabilities associated with aging tanks and property transfers are a growing concern. Storage tank inspection and reporting requirements are mandated by regulators in Western Canada. Each province has enforcement procedures and penalties in place for non-compliance. A visual examination is required every month, and a more detailed inspection is required every 5 years for tanks that were installed prior to 1996 .

Tank owners are currently challenged by the lack of a best practice, inefficient processes and outmoded systems. There is considerable diversity in the characteristics of storage tanks and the associated systems. All of these different types of tanks and systems need different components inspected to ensure tank integrity and to minimize spill events.

It is difficult for tank owners and regulators to determine tank compliance. Capturing information with a pen and paper has resulted in illegible forms, duplication and error. Paper and spreadsheet-based tank management is inherently immobile. Data collected is difficult to integrate with the companies’ internal systems so that in most cases there is no trackable inventory of aboveground storage tanks.

Finally, a digital solution for tank management. G.K. Hills provides a full suite of supportive services making tank lifecycle management a turnkey process, click here to learn how.