Brute Competence + Systems & Processes + Technology = Value

G.K. Hills provides a full suite of supportive services making tank lifecycle management a turnkey process. We are a single point-of-contact you can trust. We are in the business of letting you go about your business, taking care of the details so you won’t have to.

Value proposition and benefits:

  • Meaningful hands-on management system for tank owners, transforming from reactive to
    predictive and anticipatory maintenance programs
  • Business logic drives accountability for regulatory compliance, enforcing behaviour that is
    consistent with regulatory expectations
  • Improved productivity –  maximizes performance and minimizes waste in labor – field trials record
    80% reduction in the time to complete a monthly visual examination
  • User experience –  application is simple and easy to use
  • Reduced cost of tank examinations, inspections and certified report production
  • Avoid delays –  caused by non-conformances, lack of planning and rework
  • Increased credibility and transparency –  increased confidence in the integrity of equipment and
    regulatory compliance
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