Our Team


In 2004, while working as a junior integrity technologist, Kate was introduced to Beth Brueckner. She had the pleasure of working with her throughout the years, and found Beth’s passion for quality to be inspiring. As her career advanced and she developed her skills as a quality technologist, her path always circled back to the initiatives that served as an inspiration to Beth. In 2018, Kate decided to dedicate more time to working with Beth and joined her at G.K. Hills so she could support the development of its proprietary Tank Management System (TMS).

G.K. Hill’s TMS, coupled with its process, logic and systematic approach, is the inevitable evolution for our industry. Clients face constant budget cuts and regulatory pressures. The only way to align the two is by doing things more efficiently and harvesting more from the information available. G.K. Hill’s TMS allows for efficient execution of examinations and provides data that can enable a proactive approach to tank maintenance. It is by far the most efficient way to meet regulatory requirements. 

Being a quality professional, Kate believes in the power of clean data. Proper data collection and input allows us to make better decisions, it’s a great predictor of future behaviour, and it can influence innovation. The TMS creates an environment for accurate data capture that allows our clients to meet all the regulatory requirements efficiently and establishes their organizations as industry leaders in operations, safety and integrity.

Throughout her career, Kate has worked on many software applications and developed processes surrounding their use. By joining the team at G.K. Hills, she will be able to support the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of the application, as well as the development of new technical solutions to help our clients meet their ever-evolving requirements. Her diverse background allows her to deliver innovative solutions to keep advancing the industry toward increased efficiency in operations.

As she embarks on this journey, Kate is cognizant of the stress that the oil and gas sector is facing in Alberta, but she knows that by doing things “right” we can be more efficient and flourish even in a repressed economic environment.


Embarking on her career as a Graphic Designer, Amy Perzan Merrill carried with her at all times her unrelenting desire to identify the “why”. Combining creative left brain traits with her right brain desire to define a purpose, she rounded out her education through the study of Economics, Sociology, Marketing and Business Communication.

In 2011, Amy started working with Beth at G.K. Hills as a contractor, hired to assist in branding and streamlining the existing documentation. The immediate synergy and alignment of values between the two business owners sparked a long and lasting relationship. Over the years, Amy has become well-versed in the benefits of the TMS and has worked with Beth to spread the word through the development of presentations and training material.

With nearly twenty years of experience running a successful graphic design business, Amy is able to see the bigger picture in order to define marketing objectives and manage projects. She can then dig into the details and draw on her skill as a graphic designer to achieve fluency for the brand.