Driving Accountability

The Project Engagement Management System (PEMS) is G.K. Hills' project and tank inspection management software. It is used to administer inspections, timesheets, vendor and client listings, as well as digitally manage the entire project workflow.

PEMS is a web-based application, meaning it is executed through your everyday web browser. You can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. PEMS allows multiple users to work in a controlled, shared environment.

From initial estimation to project close out, G.K. Hills personnel are responsible for entering and updating the PEMS database in the interest of maintaining a reliable and accurate centralized repository and up-to-date project records. As such, PEMS is much more than simple project management software. It also serves as a catalogue for Client and Vendor information, Client tank information and more. In essence, PEMS drives accountability across the organization and serves as a central repository for all inspection work that is proposed, planned, scheduled and completed – and associated records.